Thursday, 16 February 2012

365 Challenge... and Guitar Lessons via Skype

It's a sunny / cloudy / windy afternoon her in SW France, but I haven't been out in the fresh air once yet, because I've been working hard all day promoting my guitar-lessons-via-Skype business (

I've also challenged myself to record, edit and upload to YouTube 365 guitar lessons in 365 days.  Here's THE RULES:
- I can record several in one day, then edit and upload them over time
- I do not have to upload a video every day, but I do have to have uploaded 365 videos by midnight on February 14th (Valentine's Day!) 2013.

This is day three, and here's the hit rate so far:

Lesson 003 = 1 (me)
Lesson 002 = 17
Lesson 001 = 27

Subscribers = 1 (not me, someone else)

Not bad so far!

Here are the vidz.  Enjoy!:

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Having left London's rat race behind three weeks agoI am livin' in France and teaching guitar lessons via Skype.  All is well so far.
Please avail yourself of the following delectables:
Skype Name = alistair.pope
I hope to see you on Skype for a lesson soon!
All the best,
Alistair Pope.