Thursday, 16 February 2012

365 Challenge... and Guitar Lessons via Skype

It's a sunny / cloudy / windy afternoon her in SW France, but I haven't been out in the fresh air once yet, because I've been working hard all day promoting my guitar-lessons-via-Skype business (

I've also challenged myself to record, edit and upload to YouTube 365 guitar lessons in 365 days.  Here's THE RULES:
- I can record several in one day, then edit and upload them over time
- I do not have to upload a video every day, but I do have to have uploaded 365 videos by midnight on February 14th (Valentine's Day!) 2013.

This is day three, and here's the hit rate so far:

Lesson 003 = 1 (me)
Lesson 002 = 17
Lesson 001 = 27

Subscribers = 1 (not me, someone else)

Not bad so far!

Here are the vidz.  Enjoy!:

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